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Amvets Pick-Up Service
Men's, Women and Children's Clothing
Bedding . Small Appliances . Kitchenware . Computers
Books . TVs . VCRs . CDs . Radio . Stereo . Furniture
Bicycles . Dishes . Pots . Lamps . Toy/Games . Lawnmowers
Knick Knacks . Tools . Curtains/Drapes . Seasonal Items

For more than 50 years Amvets has been working behind the scenes to help veterans get the benefits they so earned and deserve. With the help of computers, our National Service Officers have the benefit of communicating with Amvet offices around the country, to better understand the needs of our Veterans and this is where your contributions impacts. With you donation today we can purchase the technology and other resources to better serve our Veterans. The fight for freedom is not an easy one, but with your help, we can make a difference one veteran at a time.

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Washington, DC - Virginia 1-800-526-8387
Dallas 877-263-1325
Fort Worth 877-263-1325