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AMVETS gladly accepts a wide range of donations, including clothing, household items, furniture, electronics, and more. We appreciate any contribution that can benefit veterans and their families. Get the complete list here.

Currently, AMVETS provides donation pickup services in limited areas within Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), Washington D.C. (DC), Delaware (DE), Texas (TX), and Oklahoma (OK). If you reside in any of these states, we are ready to assist you. Please click here to schedule your donation pickup.

While we greatly appreciate your generosity, there are a few items that we are unable to accept due to safety, legal, or practical reasons. These items include hazardous materials, firearms, cans of paint, and large appliances amoung others. Please refer to this link for a comprehensive list.

Every donation made to AMVETS plays a crucial role in raising funds to support veterans and their families. These funds are used to provide essential services, such as healthcare, housing assistance, educational programs, and job training initiatives. By donating to AMVETS, you directly contribute to improving the lives of those who have selflessly served our nation.

Our MIssion

Who does AMVETS Pickup benefit ?

AMVETS Pickups is dedicated to benefiting those who have served our nation selflessly: our veterans and their families. We recognize the sacrifices made by these brave men and women, and our mission is to ensure they receive the support and assistance they deserve. Whether it’s providing healthcare services, housing assistance, educational programs, job training initiatives, or other critical resources, our focus is on improving the quality of life for veterans and their families. We believe in empowering veterans to lead fulfilling lives and transition successfully into civilian roles. By offering a helping hand, we aim to honor their service and express our gratitude for their dedication. Our programs and initiatives are designed to make a tangible, positive impact on the lives of those who have given so much for our country.


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