Donation Pickups in limited areas within MD, Wash DC, VA, DE, TX and OK

Faq » AMVETS Pickups

AMVETS accepts a wide range of donations, including clothing, household items, furniture, electronics, and more. Your generous contributions help us support veterans and their families through various programs and initiatives.

Yes, AMVETS offers a free donation pickup service. When you schedule a pickup, our dedicated team will come to your location to collect the donated items, making it a convenient and cost-free way to support our mission of helping veterans and their families.

No, AMVETS does not purchase merchandise from donors. We rely solely on the generosity of individuals who wish to contribute their gently used items to support our cause. Your donations play a vital role in funding our programs and providing essential services to veterans in need.

Scheduling a donation pickup with AMVETS is easy! You can conveniently arrange a pickup in this  website and filling out the donation pickup form. Simply provide your contact information, address, and details about the items you wish to donate. Our team will then coordinate with you to arrange a pickup date that works best for you. Thank you for supporting our mission to assist veterans and their families!

Yes, AMVETS provides tax-deductible receipts for all qualifying donations. When you donate your items, our team will provide you with a receipt that you can use for tax purposes. Please consult with a tax professional to understand how your donation may be tax-deductible and for any specific guidelines related to your individual tax situation. Your contributions make a significant difference in supporting our veterans and their families. Thank you for your generosity!

Yes, AMVETS accepts furniture and large household items as part of our donation process. Your contributions of furniture can greatly benefit veterans and their families by providing them with essential items to create a comfortable home environment.

We cannot schedule this type of donations online but you can contact us via phone to do so.

Your generous donations go a long way in supporting our mission to empower veterans and improve their lives. Thank you for your support!

While AMVETS appreciates your generosity, there are a few items we are unable to accept for donation due to safety, legal, or practical reasons. These items include hazardous materials, firearms, ammunition, stained or ripped mattresses, and large appliances. For a comprehensive list of items we cannot accept, please refer to our donation guidelines. Your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines help ensure the safety and success of our donation program. Thank you for your support in honoring our heroes and assisting veterans in need.

When you donate to AMVETS, your contribution directly supports a wide range of programs and services aimed at benefiting veterans and their families. These funds are utilized to provide crucial resources, such as healthcare assistance, housing support, educational opportunities, job training initiatives, and more. By supporting AMVETS, you play a vital role in empowering veterans and enabling them to lead fulfilling lives after their service. Your generosity makes a significant and positive impact on the lives of those who have selflessly served our country. Thank you for making a difference through your donations!

Absolutely! AMVETS Thrift Stores play a significant role in our donation process. These thrift stores serve as important outlets for reselling donated items to the public at affordable prices. The revenue generated from these sales goes directly towards funding AMVETS' programs and initiatives that support veterans and their families. By shopping at AMVETS Thrift Stores or donating items for resale, you actively contribute to our mission and help us provide essential services to those who have served our nation. Your support is instrumental in making a positive impact on the lives of our veterans. Thank you for joining us in this noble cause!

AMVETS' dedication to veterans and their families extends beyond our programs and initiatives. We believe in building strong community connections, and that's why community engagement is a vital part of our mission. Through various outreach efforts and partnerships, AMVETS actively collaborates with local communities, volunteers, and supporters to create a network of support for our heroes. By working together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure veterans receive the care, respect, and opportunities they rightfully deserve. Thank you for being a part of our community-driven journey to honor and empower our veterans!